A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company was founded by Catrin Evans and Cashel Gormley in 2004 when they were studying theatre at the University of Glasgow. We wanted to create an artistic platform to express and explore our political and social concerns. We would be bold, we would challenge and our work would entertain.


Our first production That’s What We Should All Be Mourning (Edinburgh Fringe 2004) received five stars from The Herald and was Awarded High Commendation from the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award Panel. This show launched us into the political theatre scene and ever since then we have continued to grow both in ambition and vision.


Over the last ten years A Moment’s Peace has evolved into a multi-artform theatre company with a reputation for creating and delivering high quality, relevant and accessible work across Scotland and beyond. We have built and continue to nurture strong partnerships with a broad range of organisations within the arts, voluntary and educational sector. We continue to be bold, to challenge and to entertain.


The work we have created between 2011-2014 has been inspired by three themes - BORDERS, FOOD and WOMEN. These issues remain important to us and continue to inform the work we make.


Now, as we look around us and look to the future we find ourselves inspired by three new key themes - RESOURCES, RIGHTS and RE(ACTION). Our next projects (2014-2017) will be responding to and exploring the changing concerns, struggles and passions facing people as we move through the second decade of the twenty-first century.


Please explore this website to find out about our work in more detail and get in touch with any questions or queries.


In 2007 we constituted as a not-for-profit unincorporated association which is the structure we operated under until May 2013. We are now a registered Charity - find out more.


A Moment's Peace became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) in May 2013. Our Charity Number is SC044000.