“One day you’re going to wake up and realise that you’re trapped. You’re going to realise you’re trapped, your chest is going to tighten and you’re going to feel like you’re dying.


Then you will get up and carry on as usual.”


My Fabulous Tartan Frock was a co-production with conFAB and saw us work with community actors and young people. The production brought domestic violence into the spotlight with dramatic examination of self image exploring the remarkable collective journey of women who have experienced domestic abuse.


How do you escape a violent lover? And then how do you escape the shadow of that violent love?


Frock was our attempt to capture moments, emotions, fragmented images of these experiences ... an attempt to confront the issue that society, far too often, looks to the abused woman, not the abuser, to take responsibility for their actions. This show is a question mark ... It asks, why is domestic abuse still happening on such a massive scale, why are women still systematically failed by society and how are we, the people living on this planet, in this city, right now going to prevent this being somebody else’s or our own future?


Director: Catrin Evans

Movement Director: Jen Edgar

Designer: Janis Hart

Sound Design: Noel Bridgeman

AV Design: David Griffin

Lighting Design: Will Gardner

Producer: Rachel Jury’

BY Catrin evans, rachel jury and the cast


The Arches, Glasgow

8th-10th December 2009


Since playing at The Arches the company have performed extracts of My Fabulous Tartan Frock across Glasgow as part of the ongoing campaign to raise awareness about domestic abuse and to encourage women to seek assistance in escaping abusive relationships.

SUPPORTED BY / In Partnership with:

Glasgow’s Sixteen Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women

The Women’s Support Project

The Arches



Scottish Community Foundation: Women’s Fund For Scotland

Scottish Arts Council

Awards For All

Glasgow City Council

Culture and Sport Glasgow.

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