This Participation Project is our most longstanding project and so far has seen us engage with over 200 women. Originally set up in January 2011 in collaboration with conFABᅠthe group developed out of our previous projects that focused upon women’s stories and issues. In 2012 A Moment’s Peaceᅠtook on sole responsibility for the group and it continues to be open to any woman in Glasgow over 18 not working professionally in the arts.


The Women’s Creative Company exists so that women of all ages and cultures from across Glasgow can come together and share their experiences, ideas and creative energy. We aim to develop skills, build your confidence and have a lot of fun.


The FREE practical and playful weekly workshops provide a safe space where you can express your passions and concerns through creative exploration, where friendships are built and exciting performance work is made. We are always open to new members and you do not need to have any prior experience of drama or the arts. We also can support with travel needs and/or childcare.


If you would like to find out more about the group, and would be interested in coming along then don't hesitate to get in touch!





CALL/TEXT: 07933 555 980



The Story So Far...

The Women’s Creative Company have been working most recently on the performance project, Hidden Footprints.


The Women’s Creative Company, alongside A Moment’s Peace and Director Victoria Beesley presented a moving promenade performance piece Hidden Footprints as part of Merchant City Festival 2017.


The group are currently working with Sound Artist Tom Leah to produce and audio version of the script.


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The Story So Far...


YEARS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6...



From October 2015 to March 2016, the Women's Creative company worked with artist Lou Brodie on a creative investigation into power and entitlement - what it means to us personally, how we use it when we have it, and what the human impact is upon those whose lives are affected by it. Alongside the performance A Moment's Peace delivered satellite workshops. The artwork created was shown in an exhibition alongside the production. You can watch a video of the project here


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The first six months of 2015 saw the Women’s Creative Company focus on exploring and experiencing a variety of performance-making skills. Each session focussed on a distinct art form or style that the group had little experience of. Over the last six months we have had the pleasure of exploring Space and Materials with Visual Artist and Designer Rachel O’Neil, Performance Poetry with Anita Govan, Shadow Puppetry with Alison Monaghan, Script Development with Muriel Romanes and Live Performance with Louise Brodie. We also hosted a special workshop as part of Refugee Festival Scotland, which saw AMP Artistic Director work with the group to explore how artistic expression connects to activism and whether it can empower us to demand Rights, Dignity and Protection.



In Autumn 2014 the Women’s Creative Company explored ‘Visions for The Future’. At a time when Scotland was - and continues to be - deep in conversation about the kind of society it wants to be, the Women’s Creative Company worked with visiting artists to create work focused around what it means to be a woman in contemporary Scotland and how our stories, questions and imaginative responses can help shape the path ahead.



Between October 2013 and July 2014 the members of The Women’s Creative Company dedicated itself to developing our most ambitious project to date.


Week after week the group researched the countries of the Commonwealth in search of sportswomen whose stories we would tell as part of the final production, and in turn would inspire us to examine some of the issues facing women who compete at an elite sporting level.


The creative journey involved exploring text, sound and movement and even involved interviewing some of the women whose stories we discovered. We spoke to contemporary and past female competitors from across the world including Sri Lanka, St Kitts and Nevis, Canada, Australia, Bermuda, Gibraltar and Ghana.


The project culminated with our large scale production at the Arches as part of Festival 2014.


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THE F-word

In September and October 2013 the The Women’s Creative Company worked with artist Laura Bradshaw to develop a scratch performance for The Tron’s Reclaim the F-Word festival. The piece explored what feminism and being a feminist meant to the performers.


Some other mother

In May and June 2013 the Women's Creative Company worked with the creative team of this powerful production to develop the musical score for the show. As well as being integral in creating the sound world for the show, the group worked with Catrin Evans (director), as well as AJ Taudevin (writer) and Michael John McCarthy (composer) to produce a CD of original poems, songs and spoken word pieces in response to themes explored in the production.


Standing strong

In March 2013 the Women’s Creative Company created an installation of their work, which  was created in response to the works of seminal female artists of our time.


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The final production of the Women’s Creative Company’s first full-length show was performed for audiences at the CCA in December 2011.


Over six months the group examined their own perceptions and assumptions about age, as well as interviewing a broad range of people about their experiences of getting older in a society that seems to be obsessed by youth. The final production examined our findings through a bold and challenging ensemble performance.


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The group performed their first public sharing in March 2011 as part of our event It’s Her Birthday.


This short piece was a response to the fact that there is only one statue of a woman in Glasgow’s George Square - whereas there are eleven men. So we decided to create living, breathing, speaking statues of the women who the group had been inspired by - women who we decided needed to be celebrated publicly.


To watch the performance please click here.


We also went on to perform this piece at The Tramway’s event to celebrate 100 years of International Women’s Day.

FundeD and SupporteD BY:

The Women’s Creative Companyᅠwould not be possible without the continuing support of the Centre for Contemporary Arts who have hosted the group since it started in 2011. We are also very grateful to Playwrights’ Studio Scotland for their continuing support.


The first year of the group was supported by AWARDS FOR ALL SCOTLAND. We received an additional grant from MAKE A SPLASH, allowing us to produce 80.1. Work carried out in 2013 was made possible with support from Foundation Scotland, Glasgow Life. In 2014 the group’s project Endurance was funded by the Commonwealth Open Fund and the Celebrate Lottery Fund with the support of The Arches.

A Moment's Peace became a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) in May 2013. Our Charity Number is SC044000.