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In December 2011, The Women’s Creative Company presented their debut show at the CCA.


"When do you stop wanting to be older and start wanting to be younger? When do you become ‘mutton dressed as lamb’? Is age just a number?"


Based upon the participants’ own experiences, as well as interviews carried out throughout the city, this production presented a collection of creative responses to being a woman getting older in a society increasingly obsessed with youth.


Created by The Women’s Creative Company with Catrin Evans and Rachel Jury.




Director: Catrin Evans

Assistant Director: Molly Bunder

Movement Director: Jen Edgar

Producer: Rachel Jury




14th December 2011

“BIG congrats for the show! I really loved it, laughing and crying…”


Audience Member

After debuting at the CCA, the company were invited to perform extracts of the show across Glasgow as part of International Women’s Day in March 2012.



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​“80.1 rocked my socks last night. Best feeling EVER when the audience cheered at the end!! I can't thank enough all the ladies involved... hard work doesn’t even cut it”.




“I loved the strong female cast and female perspective; the ease of discussing issues that aren't normally addressed in mainstream theatre; the fact it was spoken honestly and articulately from the women themselves”.


Audience member

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