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Border Control 

Border Control was an event dedicated to new writing, where we challenged theatre-makers to write short pieces exploring the visible and invisible borders that define our lives.


The work selected for the event was developed by a director and performers throughout one day and presented as rehearsed readings the same evening. The sharing of the work was followed by reflections from guest speakers and a dynamic talk-back with the audience to debate the issues emerging out of the work.




The first event took place at The Tron in October 2012, and the writers were asked to respond to the following questions:

  • What are the personal and political borders dictating our lives?

  • Are these dividing lines about protection or power?

  • Who controls them and what might a world without borders actually look like?


The work presented was:


Builders by Maryam Hamidi

Molly’s Web by Molly Bunder and Vickie Beesley

Will of the People by Liam Stewart

Invasive Species by Uma Rajah

Bloodline/Borderline by Alex Fthenakis

Cycles by Katherine Nesbitt




Our return to The Tron in June 2013 was programmed as part of Refugee Week Scotland and was presented in association with Scottish Refugee Council and Glasgow Refugee, Asylum & Migration Network (GRAMNet).


Tying into Refugee Week Scotland’s theme, we asked artists to explore how relationships with borders were impacted and defined by Heritage.


  • What do you choose to bring with you?

  • And what do you leave behind?


The work presented was:


Golden Slumbers by Graham de Banzie

Compost by Catherine Hoi Yun Chan

The Otherside by Nalini Chetty

The Builders by Maryam Hamidi (an hour-long version)








“There aren’t many such opportunities around. In fact, when I think of the combination of the chance to contribute on a topic you want to say something about, professional feedback on work in progress, professional acting and directing, theatre venue, audience discussion, follow-up, I don’t know of any”.


Participating writer


“It was a very positive experience.  It, first of all, involved a challenge, a great way of getting you writing.  Then there was immediate feedback, which every writer wants so that they don’t have to rely on over-supportive (or ill-informed) friends.  The comments were also insightful.  If you want to write, you are very grateful for anything like that”.


Participating writer


“Border Control prompted and facilitated brilliant discussion about politics and social issues, and I think this is what makes it unique. Lots of scratch events welcome feedback about the work – its form, where it could go next, what works, what doesn’t etc. – but usually, the themes of the piece aren’t discussed, and feedback is encouraged to be targeted specifically at improving that piece of work. The fact that discussions on immigration, class, Palestine/Israel (and more) took place was fantastic. I love that the work is a stimulus for discussion rather than solely about the development of a piece of theatre &, for me, that’s what made this event so special”.


Audience member

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