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Peaceful Place
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At A Distance Together


Creative Tasks to Accompany Isolating Times: 


In April 2020, following the COVID 19 Pandemic, Scotland was in lockdown.

Our main priority during this time was to remain connected with our two core groups The Women’s Creative Company and Shared Space. Unable to meet any of them in person, we recognised that many of our community collaborators were simultaneously very isolated, very bored, very busy and very stressed.

From April to October 2020, we shared creative tasks from invited Guest Artists. These tasks were gentle, reflective and enjoyable, in video image and text form. Through their tasks, the artists provided a sense of connection as well as multi-art-form explorations of spaces, places, feelings, emotions, objects, world views and social events. Under the artists' guidance, participants were encouraged to craft their own responses in text, images, videos, drawings, movement & sound. 

We complemented these with 11 online creative sessions, where the groups shared their responses and experiences, got creative and remained connected with one another. 

This beautiful archive of creative responses from: The Women's Creative Company,

Shared Space and our newest partner group, Social Bite Women's Group have been compiled into a digital gallery of works.


You can view the At A Distance Together Gallery, and the Artist's Creative Tasks below: 

​We hope you enjoy!

No Contact. One Person. Very Very Lonely. Very Very Sad.

Participant, Social Bite

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Abstract Painting


At A Distance Together was made possible by our partners and funders:

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