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Creative Action

Creative Action is our cross-artform creative programme in collaboration with our two core groups, The Women’s Creative Company and Shared Space. The project aims to provide our group members with regular opportunities to expand their artistic talents and skills, improve their wellbeing and strengthen their solidarity networks. 


This has been envisaged as a 3-strand programme of regular creative sessions and sharing events, bespoke creative projects and individual creative support and mentorship for group members.  


In response to the isolating and challenging environment of COVID 19 lockdown, Creative Action has seen us explore ways of developing our own practice, a new but necessary focus on digital accessibility and the provision of high quality and meaningful creative practice at home. This at home and digital element of the project is being delivered in 2021 under the banner of At A Distance Together.  


By March 2022 Creative Action will have seen us deliver 35 cross-artform creative sessions and deliver 180 creative packs supported by Guest Artists Tawona Sithole Rachael Morrison, Najma Abukar, Catrin Evans, Paria Goodarzi, Raisah Ahmed, Greer Pester, Bircan Birol, Alice Mary Cooper, Francisco Llinas Casas, Layla Roxanne-Hill, Lynda Radley and Lucy Cathcart Froden. This has seen us explore a wide range of creative skills and practice in safe supportive spaces for group members to remain connected and creative. We also ran 8 online wellbeing and social sessions, provided over 37 Chromebook /iPads and 32 home MIFI devices.


You can read more about this at home and digital strand of the programme here: At A Distance Together


“Let's hope we can make the world a brighter place to live in and flourish."
Creative Action Group Member

Creative Action is made possible by our partners and funders:

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