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Horizons: a work in progress

Horizons is an ambitious intergenerational performance piece reaching across families, geographies and cultures.


It is an expansive and cumulative project interrogating difference in all its forms. AMP plans to work with one family (an average of three members across generations) from every nationality currently represented in Scotland (according to latest census). We will develop over one hundred stand-alone performance pieces which utilise autobiography to explore where we have come from, where we are right now, and what we pass on to the next generation.


Responding to a tense political landscape that relentlessly amplifies difference, this project seeks to engage art as social action; creating pieces of work that examine how we negotiate and embrace difference, sometimes with conflict but often with laughter, joy and nuance. Initially shared as stand-alone vignettes, the final stage of the project will see the pieces adapted to create a durational performance, inviting audiences to interrogate diversity in all its forms and challenging us all to examine how we negotiate through our differences to create a hopeful and humane future. 

With support from National Theatre of Scotland and Creative Scotland we were due to undertake our first R&D in April 2020, where we planned to gather scholars, arts practitioners and activists who we felt might be key to bringing this project to life. We also hoped to work with our first family to create an work-in-progress version of one of stand-alone performances. Due to COVID-19 we have sadly had to delay our plans and are currently in the process of working out what is possible. 


Watch this space for updates. 

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