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Playing With Food




In June 2012, A Moment’s Peace and Platform co-produced this piece of new site-specific theatre.


“You are invited to join us for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a story - but will it all end up getting a bit messy?!”


Transforming the community hall at Cranhill Development Trust into a cosy living room space, the participants of this year-long project shared their stories and memories of food, asking how an ever-changing community relates to the old and the new.




Director: Steve Collins

Assistant Director: Sarah Bradley

Designer: Janis Hart

Lighting Designer: Trevor Mills

Movement: Jen Edgar




Wednesday 20th June 2012

Thursday 21st June 2012




Alongside this production, A Moment’s Peace produced and published a cookbook full of favourite recipes and stories. Playing With Food: Meals and Memories from Cranhill Residents which contains contributions from, and beautiful portrait pictures of participants as well as staff from Cranhill Development Trust and the AMP team. You can request a PDF link or order a copy of the cookbook by contacting us



“I laughed a lot; it was absolutely fantastic. Very touching, very moving”.


Audience member

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“Both my mental and physical awareness has had an electric boost”.


Participant and Performer

“Being involved with the overall project was a great benefit to Platform and the local community in Cranhill. This has built on existing relationships that have been made with A Moment’s Peace and Platform in this community”.


Staff at Platform

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