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Call out for Artists to work with A Moment's Peace

A Moment’s Peace is looking to engage up to four creative practitioners from across a range of artistic disciplines to work with us on our Creative Action programme between July and December 2021.

Creative Action involves our two core groups - the Women’s Creative Company and Shared Space - and it includes monthly arts workshops for each group (currently online), ‘at home’ engagement activities and additional social and wellbeing encounters.

We are looking to match up artists with each of our groups, for micro-residencies over a series of three-month blocks. During each three-month residency each artist will be asked to:

· design and deliver 3 x 2 hour-workshops (one per month).

· collate the work created by group members across the 3 months.

· provide the instructions and details of required materials for one creative task to form part of our ‘at home’ engagement programme.

Both groups are passionate about expanding their creative practice and are open to working with artists from across disciplines and genres. The nature of these groups - which are spaces of solidarity as well as artistic endeavour - means we are looking for artists who have demonstrable experience of working in participatory practice, and who are able to facilitate their work, either online or in-person, with care. Artists must be comfortable working in multicultural, multi-lingual spaces and as the project engages participants from a women's group experience of working in this context is desired.

For more information on the groups visit our website:

We encourage artists who we don't know, as well as folk we do.

The fee for these micro-residencies have been set at SAU hourly engagement rates of £37.85 for artists with 5+ years experience:

Women's Creative Company - £832

Shared Space - £1060

The difference in fee for the two groups is due to the Shared Space monthly workshop being delivered twice in the same day to accommodate the large number of group members wishing to attend. For a detailed breakdown of how the artist fees have been calculated please visit:

If you are interested in this residency please submit your CV with a short note of interest, outlining your practice, whether you are interested in working with one of our groups in particular, and summarising (broadly) what your workshops would focus on. Please don't go into detail as we do not want this note of interest to be onerous or time-consuming. This can be written or done as a video. If you have any question about the roles please feel free to email:

Deadline: Monday 31st May at 5pm

Submit Application to:

Interviews will take place online on week commencing 7th June.


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