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Conversations about Art and Exile – Profiling the Émigré Artist

We are delighted to announce the exhibition, supported by Tramway and A Moment's Peace, of Somali born, Glasgow based photographer and AMP Associate Artist Najma Hussein Abukar.

Reaching from Albert Drive to Victoria Road, Conversations about Art and Exile – Profiling the Émigré Artist is an outdoor exhibition in venues on the South side of Glasgow.

In conversation with various artists, the exhibition reflects on and redefines the notion of exile, whether as a forced or self-imposed condition. Edward Said in Reflections on Exile notes: “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience. It is the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true home: its essential sadness can never be surmounted”

Conversations about Art and Exile asks whether it is inevitable for artists in ‘exile’ to create art within a social, cultural, and political context? How do exile and migration influence the artistic process when an artist is forced to change location? Can such circumstances stimulate the creative process? And how is the work of artists with lived experience of exile/asylum/refugee status shaping the cultural landscape of a future Scotland?

The exhibition will be on display from 29th August – 25th September in outdoor sites and window displays close to Tramway. Details of exhibition sites and collaborators can be found HERE.


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