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Off we go with Creative Action...

AMP has always identified itself as an organisation that seeks to explore the relationship between the political and the personal through artistic practice. So, at a time where the political, social and economic landscape is growing increasingly unstable and hostile for many of the people that we make work with, we believe it is with some urgency that we must address our position, in order to identify how we can best create, share, and stand in artistic and social solidarity with those most affected by the ever changing and harsh realities of the global landscape.

​In January 2019 AMP secured an Open Project grant from Creative Scotland, to support us to undertake a broad programme of Research and Development. Working under the banner of Creative Action we will be exploring and testing out new projects, new ways of working and new models for surviving as a small, artist-led organisation. We hope that this period will define the direction of our future projects, provide pathways to longer-term engagement for the participants and professional artists involved, and enable us to strengthen existing, as well as build new, partnerships so that we can move forward with our work with invested and engaged collaborators.

Internally we also aim to have developed a reinvigorated strategy for moving forward as an organisation, including defining the staffing infrastructure we require to carry out our artistic vision, how best to financially support the forthcoming work, and clarifying how the organisation is perceived by the public and the wider arts sector.


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