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Shared Space

2020 and 2021 was a period of reflection and change, adjusting to a particularly isolating and unprecedented time in our local community, with lockdown restrictions limiting our capacity to deliver and meet as we normally would with one of our core groups - Shared Space.

We recognised that transitioning to remote/digital engagement was vital in supporting group members to meet safely in the current pandemic restrictions. Our first round of workshops was held online via Zoom and led by visual artist Paria Goodarzi. Paria has a long-standing engagement with Shared Space and A Moments Peace Theatre Company, bringing a reflective creative practice and a nurturing, joy and laughter filled environment to the online workshops, often using simple materials that can be found in the home.

At A Distance Together

As well as delivering online workshops, Paria led the group through various creative tasks sent home in Creative Packs. Workshops focused on the process and inspiration of traditional techniques such as Papier Mache, transferring drawings onto polystyrene to create canvases and using found materials to make collage art.

Our Shared Space workshops have been supported by brilliant Associate Artist Najma Abukar (pictured), a Somali-born, Glasgow-based photographer with a longer standing connection to the group, who has been holding the creative spaces as workshop host.

“It's always a pleasure to create with the Shared Space family. So many creative spirits, willing to share and nurture their creativity & humanity.” Najma, Associate Artist

Our second round of workshops saw us explore our own personal narratives and stories with documentary filmmaker Bircan Birol, who has been working with the group (pictured below) to explore documentary style filming on our personal mobiles and devices, with techniques such as panning and tilting, lighting and landscaping and how to direct our own personal stories. Our final session will see us collate all these practices by focusing on editing techniques for the filmed pieces.

For our second workshop, we met in person and had the chance to connect and share some lovely fresh food, delivered to the venue from Milk Café. It was a joy to be surrounded by creativity, laughter and sharing meals, and we look forward to reconnecting more with our Shared Space members as restrictions lift, while staying mindful of providing digital activity to group members who need this option to stay connected under these challenging times.

“This support was very good and useful and helped me communicate with the community and communicate with many friends and people, and this relieved us of suffering, pressure and psychological pressure.” Participant, Shared Space

With special thanks to partners of Shared Space - Tramway, whose valuable support allowed us to continue to engage, connect and create with the group during this challenging year.


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