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We are looking for a Web Builder/Designer/Content Manager

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A Moments Peace Theatre is looking for Website Support from an individual with experience in working on sites on the web platform WIX.

This is a remote contract, which we need to take place over the next few weeks.


We have been transitioning from our old website to a new platform on WIX. This has seen us make some progress in-house (eg. our current projects are live), however, a full transition over to the new site has been curtailed by the current context. We feel now – more than ever – it is time to invite in the skills and expertise of someone else, who can help bring the site to life. Hopefully we can offer this short piece of work to someone who has had contracts cancelled.

We ideally need the new site to be fully functioning in the next few weeks and we are now looking for someone with Website Building/Design experience to support us in getting the site up and running for our participants, and the wider public to engage with.

Specific details of the role include:

· Setting up basic page templates for past project pages

· Transferring of, and updating, project copy and images from old website to new platform

· Transferring of project videos and media from old website to new platform

· Finessing our most visited pages (including current projects, homepage and news)

· Optimising the website as mobile friendly

· Technical support/advice on structure, layouts and apps on Wix

· Setting up some basic SEO for pages

· Linking Social Media/Mailing List/Digital Platforms to new website

Start Date: As soon as possible

Fee: £800



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