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Shared Space


Shared Space is a mixed artform workshop space specifically focused on engaging and making work with individuals affected by the complex and hostile UK immigration system, established in 2019 with partners Küche and Tramway. 

The space invites in and develops work with those negotiating migration systems at all levels; exploring and expanding creative practice through artistic play and experimentation.


The group meets every month and we offer support with interpreters, childcare, lunch and travel expenses.

During the COVID19 pandemic, the group met online via Zoom for the monthly workshops. Members also received regular Creative Packs containing materials and instructions to make work at home, as part of our At A Distance Together project which ran until March 2022. 


As restrictions ease, monthly workshops are again happening in-person and we are always open to new members.



"Shared Space is very important for me, to engage with a group because I am an asylum seeker and I am all the time under stress. The group helped me to spend good time with other people who belong to other countries. Poetry writing really inspired me because I expressed myself for the first time in my life."


Shared Space Participant

"When I arrived in the UK I was alone and had no family or friends. Then someone tell me about Shared Space so I came here. Joined and welcomed by everyone, so warming and happy that I started feeling that now I am in my home and with my family. I found different and very informative activities here which increased my knowledge, enhanced my experience and quality of life. I will always be very thankful to all here..."


Shared Space Participant

Personally, it has been such a privilege to witness artists of many disciplines come into the space and with such admiration learn from each one of them. I believe spaces and opportunities such as Shared Space are necessary and valuable, especially for those navigating the immigration system.’


Associate Artist Najma Abukar

With thanks to our partners and funders:-

Creative Scotland, Glasgow Life, Kuche, Tramway, Glasgow City Council, Robertson Trust, Foundation Scotland