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Shared Space

Shared Space saw A Moment's Peace, together with project partners Küche and renowned arts venue Tramway, establish a new and accessible mixed art-form company that specifically focuses on engaging and making work with individuals affected by the UK immigration system.

Across 12 sessions in 2019-20, Shared Space's multidisciplinary workshops were delivered by a range of arts practitioners and were a place where food was shared, where conversations about best practice on accessibility and ethics were held, and where barriers facing artists within the immigration system were dismantled. 

Every third session culminated with a public open mic session/scratch event for participants and audiences, including professionals and amateurs, to showcase their work and ideas.

Shared Space Project Report

Sadly - due to COVID19 - we are not in a position to host events or meet in person at the moment, but the group are still creating work digitally and when we can, we'll do our best to get everyone back a theatre space together. In the meantime, if you would like to hear more about our recent digital programme or get involved in our online workshops,

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'Shared Space is very important for me, to engage with a group because I am an asylum seeker and I am all the time under stress. The group specifically helped me to spend time, good time with other people who belong to other countries. Poetry writing really inspired me because I expressed myself for the first time in my life just because of Shared Space.'


Shared Space Participant

Shared Space Scratch Events: Join Us or Join In

In additional monthly workshops Shared Space hosted Sunday Afternoon Scratch events. These were curated to raise the creative profile of those with lived experience of the immigration system. Our events were open and relaxed afternoons of multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary artistic work; a place for our members to share the work they were creating and also a place for allies and would be allies to share their own performance work. At each event we were joined by professional artists whose work inspired us, and importantly platformed alongside the work of individuals still exploring their journey with creative practice. And of course, we always shared a little food together! 

Sadly - due to COVID19 - we are not in a position to host these events at the moment, but the group are still creating work digitally and when we can we'll do our best to get everyone back a theatre space together. 

Sunday Scratch
December 2019

As well as members of the group sharing poems they had created in one of our recent workshops we were joined by the amazing Daf'O'Dills, Aref Ghorbani, Najma Abukar.

Sunday Scratch
September 2019

Our group members shared short pieces of writing developed during recent workshops, as well as wire portraits they had created with visual artist Paria Goodarzi, who also shared more about her practice with the audience. On top of that we had work from the mighty Hidden Rhythms Creative Collective, and listened to the powerful words of Sawsan Al-Areeqe who read her poetry in Arabic and English. 

Sunday Scratch
June 2019

Our very first event was opened by the dynamic music of Omar Afif, Mohamed lkhanfoufi and Mariana Moreira of Gnawa Trance Fusion. We also heard a poem from Ken Gordon, and playwright Sara Shaarawi read an extract from one of her plays. Shared Space's Associate Artist Najma Abukar also shared an insight into one of her latest projects, and members of the group also got up and extracts of their own work. 

As you know when I arrived in the UK I was alone and had no family or friends. I had no community around me where I can go and sit and share my problems, worries and thoughts. I was feeling that this loneliness brings my level of confidence down. Then someone tell me about Shared Space so I came here. Joined and welcomed by everyone, so warming and happy that I started feeling that now I am in my home and with my family. I found different and very informative activities here which increased my knowledge, enhanced my experience and quality of life. I will always be very thankful to all here...'


Shared Space Participant

One thing I like most about this group is I am able to forget about my worries; my circumstances for some time and spend time with people who are coming from different cultures and different backgrounds. But also I feel more confident to share my stories in the storytelling workshops and I feel like I can speak and feel proud how this group involve us and thinking about us. I enjoy and feel proud to be part of this group. This group reflect on my life.’

Shared Space Participant

Personally, it has been such a privilege to witness artists of many disciplines come into the space and with such admiration learn from each one of them. I believe spaces and opportunities such as Shared Space are necessary and valuable, especially for those navigating the immigration system.’


Associate Artist Najma Abukar

With thanks to our partners and funders:-

Creative Scotland, Glasgow Life, Kuche, Tramway, Glasgow City Council, Robertson Trust, Foundation Scotland