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The Chronicles of Irania



“Oh, hello, you are already here. You are very welcome. You are my guest, and I am happy for this, but I must ask… Are you a spy?”


Let your host Khadijeh take you on a journey to a mystical place where truths, half-truths and un-truths circulate. Leaping between playful myths and dark realities The Chronicles of Irania is an extraordinary one-woman show that bears witness to the painful but exhilarating struggle to understand and to be understood.

Performed on a Persian rug, this was a fast-paced, comical and moving piece of theatrical storytelling told with old audio cassettes, home-made props and finger puppets. The Chronicles of Irania took you on a surprising journey through stories of great kings, lowly wazirs, and ancient creation myths, violently interrupted by voices of contemporary Iranian women speaking of acid burnt faces, police brutality and the hanging of young gay men.


Runner-up for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression award at 2009‘s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


First developed for The Arches in 2008, A Moment’s Peace went on to re-develop the show and tour it throughout the UK in 2009 and again in 2011.





MacRobert Hall, Tarland; Woodend Barn, Banchory;

Tullynessle and Forbes Hall, Tullynessle



Citizens Theatre, Glasgow; Tara Arts Studio, London;

Platform, Easterhouse; Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh



The Arches, Glasgow



“this piece touches and disturbs…it is a subtly crafted, expertly balanced tale of inequality and sacrifice in the light and in the dark”.


★★★★ British Theatre Guide

“A blazingly vivid encounter — with carpets, cushions and tea”.


★★★★ The Scotsman


“Should be seen across the country and beyond”.


The Stage

“What emerges is a brave, deliberately self-fragmenting narrative about the traumatic transition from a vividly oppressive traditional culture into some kind of modernity; and like a difficult birth, it’s a tearing, agonising experience, both exhilarating and frightening”.


★★★★ The Scotsman


“The pleasantries of tea, sweets and traditional stories are juxtaposed with harrowing tales of violence towards women and homosexuals…the sole performer, makes this play a joy to watch”.


★★★★ The List


“is arguably the most poignant one-woman performance of the Fringe this year… a moving, stunning, piece of political theatre... just to witness the strength and brilliance of this performance, The Chronicles of Irania cannot be missed”.


★★★★ Edinburgh Festival Magazine


“a well-written script, that serves its purpose well of not allowing us to sink back into our lazy assumptions about Iran. The play continually probes and challenges. Iran has a rich and colourful cultural history which nevertheless has been deeply oppressive to women”.


★★★★ Fringe Theatre Review


“This is the kind of theatre piece that is becoming rarer on the Fringe…it does have plenty of pluck, intelligence and integrity. It is a great production that contains one of the best performances I’ve seen this entire year”.


★★★★ OnStage Scotland


“The cut-out shapes of suns, moons, butterflies and trees which hang from a yarn that casts Christmas decoration shadows are invaded by the woman's own history in this fantastically sustained close-up on a world”.


★★★★ The Herald

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