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Women's Creative Company

Women’s Creative Company (WCC) exists so that women of all ages and cultures from across Glasgow can come together and share their experiences, ideas and creative energy. We develop skills, build confidence and have a lot of fun. 

This is our most longstanding project, focused on providing invigorating creative experiences for women who may or may not consider themselves 'theatre people'.

Over the years the group have produced several high profile pieces of work, some of which can be seen HERE

The group meet on Wednesday evenings from 6-8pm in Glasgow and sessions are led by professional female artists and theatre makers to explore women-based issues and themes in a safe and friendly space. 

The group are currently working on a storytelling project called Possible Worlds, leading to a performance at the end of 2023. 


Any woman who is not working professionally in the arts, who is over 18 and lives in Glasgow can join the group. No experience is necessary! 


Something stopping you from coming? We can support you with travel costs, childcare, BSL interpretation or data for your phone. Get in touch to discuss options.

We also always have plenty of tea and biscuits!


If you fancy coming along to a session to see if it's for you, or just want to know more, contact

“If someone told me this time last year that I would ever perform in front of other people I would have laughed at them” Group Member

The Story So Far...

Since 2011 the Women’s Creative Company have created and produced events, exhibitions and full productions including: At A Distance TogetherIt’s Her Birthday, 80.1, Standing Strong, Endurance, Privilege, Hidden Footprints and Stories to Survive to.

In between these larger projects members of the group have undertaken smaller-scale, more bespoke projects that have focused on creative development and expanding the groups’ individual and collective artistic practice. A rough chronology of the group's history is below: 

2020-21 At a Distance Together

Brimming with confidence for some exciting large-scale productions by WCC in 2020, in March that year everything came to a sharp halt, with the beginning of the pandemic and lockdowns. AMP pivoted quickly, determined to support its group members and staff throughout this incredibly challenging time, and together conceived of a remote, at-home and digital learning project At a Distance Together, which will culminate in an event at Tramway in April 2022, when in-person work is once more on the horizon.  

2019 Creative Action, Horizons and Resistors

2019 was the launch of our multi-artform project Creative Action and a research and development phase for Horizons - a multigenerational project about people who have come to Scotland as refugees - a project whose development got cut short due to COVID19. 2019 was the year WCC and Social Bite's women's group created Stories To Survive To - a creative writing project led by writer Linda Radley celebrating the resilience of women, performed in person by actors and recorded on soundcloud.  This rich period in the company's history also gave birth to the ideas for a large production that is on hold - Resistors - exploring stories of the resistance of women through history. 

2017-18 Hidden Footprints

In 2017, WCC started to explore the ways women are represented in our cultural and city landscapes, probing questions such as why are statues of women either angels or queens? Where are the street names dedicated to women? The resulting performances - Hidden Footprints - took place at the Merchant City Festival both in 2017 and 2018.

2016 Common Ground

WCC focused on questioning land and house ownership and the inequalities surrounding this, leading to the performance Common Ground 

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2014 Visions of the Future

In Autumn 2014 WCC explored ‘Visions for The Future’. At a time when Scotland was - and continues to be - deep in conversation about the kind of society it wants to be, WCC worked with visiting artists to create work focused around what it means to be a woman in contemporary Scotland and how our stories, questions and imaginative responses can help shape the path ahead.

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2013 The F-Word / Some Other Mother

In May and June 2013 WCC worked with the creative team of this powerful production to develop the musical score for the show. As well as being integral in creating the sound world for the show, the group worked with Catrin Evans (director), as well as AJ Taudevin (writer) and Michael John McCarthy (composer) to produce a CD of original poems, songs and spoken word pieces in response to themes explored in the production. In September and October 2013, WCC worked with artist Laura Bradshaw to develop a scratch performance for The Tron’s Reclaim the F-Word festival. The piece explored what feminism and being a feminist meant to the performers.

2011-12 If I Were You and You Were Me

The group performed their first public sharing in March 2011 as part of our event It’s Her Birthday.


This short piece was a response to the fact that there is only one statue of a woman in Glasgow’s George Square - whereas there are eleven men. So we decided to create living, breathing, speaking statues of the women who the group had been inspired by - women who we decided needed to be celebrated publicly.


We also went on to perform this piece at a Tramway event celebrating 100 years of International Womens Day.

2015 Exploring Style

The first six months of 2015 saw WCC focus on exploring and experiencing a variety of performance-making skills. Each session focused on a distinct art form or style that the group had little experience of - exploring space and materials with visual artist and designer Rachel O’Neil, performance poetry with Anita Govan, shadow puppetry with Alison Monaghan, script development with Muriel Romanes and live performance with Louise Brodie. We also hosted a special workshop as part of Refugee Festival Scotland, which saw AMP's Artistic Director work with the group to explore how artistic expression connects to activism and whether it can empower us to demand Rights, Dignity and Protection.

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