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Creativity and Self Expression

In Autumn 2008 A Moment's Peace planned, delivered and resourced a project working with female refugees involved from the Legacy Project led by Rosemount Lifelong Learning in North Glasgow.


Our approach was to use theatre, as well as other creative disciplines, as a way for the participants to increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as their sense of belonging within a group/community context. Throughout the process we explored forms of both verbal and non-verbal communication, encouraged cultural exchange and worked to generate a feeling that the participants were part of something significant and meaningful whilst removing them for a time from the challenges of everyday life. This project was an exploration of the richness of story-telling - how can we tell our own stories and the stories of our cultures?

"The stories we told made me think about finding solutions in my own life."

"The things that we learned help me understand better how stories on TV work and I feel now that I could explain this to my kids, or use some of the story-telling to entertain my kids myself."

Participant Feedback

"When I saw other people achieving things, it made me want to do well. Rather than always saying I can't manage, the project made me want to try things."

Participant Feedback

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