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Hidden Footprints




There were many brilliant and bolshy women who came before us. Pioneers, doctors, change-makers, as well as mothers, victims and homemakers. It is this spirit of hope and defiance that we want to take forward.  We have the power to protest, to shout, to make our voices heard and to change our society. We can fight. Like Ethel MacDonald. Like Helen Crawfurd. Like Jane Smeal. Like Mary Barbour. Like Agnes’ mum.


From April-June 2017 The Women’s Creative Company worked with Terra Incognita on their As I See It Project to create a statue that represented the hidden histories and untold stories of Glasgow women. Hidden Footprints will be revived as part of Merchant City Festival 2018. To get involved email


The statue created is called W.O.M.A.N (Workers, Outrageous, Mighty, Able, Noble) and a point of focus in Hidden Footprints, a promenade performance through Merchant City inspired by the historical and contemporary voices of women in our city.


Combining historical fact with personal reflections, we follow in the footsteps of the women who went before us. Sharing little-known tales from the past alongside contemporary musings on the spaces and people of Merchant City, this is a thought-provoking exploration of what these streets mean to us and what they represented to the women before us.




The Women’s Creative Company worked with Sound Artist Tom Leah on an audio version of Hidden Footprints. This was launched in February 2018 and is available to listen to on Soundcloud:

"Wonderful stuff! Just what theatre and creativity should really be about... Inspiring and aspirational to audiences and those involved".



Hidden Footprints was part of Merchant City Festival 2017.




Hidden Footprints is supported by Glasgow Life and Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Stories Stones and Bones campaign.

"This was amazing! Many thanks to all who were involved. You animated a needed message with vitality on the streets of Glasgow - it was full of colour, full of life, full of vigour! You sowed the seeds of liberation and also celebrated a neglected part of humanity - WOMAN. Three cheers! And... More, More, More!"

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