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An Epic Storytelling Project

Humans have an innate love of stories: from personal testimony to fantastical myth, they teach us about life, ourselves and others. Storytelling is a powerful means of inspiring, influencing, teaching, entertaining and forging connections between people and ideas. Good stories contain multiple subtle and profound meanings, which can strike the listener immediately or take root and lead to later discoveries. Stories allow us to explore our culture, experience diverse cultures, empathise with unfamiliar people, places and situations and offer insights into universal experiences that affect us all.

POSSIBLE WORLDS is a nine month programme of creative participatory workshops involving a range of artforms including includes spoken word, song, movement, folk art, music and also food making and sharing, but focussing on storytelling, which started in August 2022. 

The project held midway performance events in December 2022 and January 2023 for an invited audience (you can see some photos below). 2022 was Scotland’s Year of Stories and provided the perfect opportunity to celebrate Scotland’s wonderful diversity. 

The final performance by Women's Creative Company - 'we incite this meeting...'was held on September 13 and 14 2023 at Tron Theatre, Glasgow. 

An informal sharing to an invited audience was created by Shared Space participants in Sept 23 in the CCA cinema. 


We have been working with talented Associate Artists Alice Fernbank, Gauri Raje, Najma Akubar, Pearl Kinnear, Lisa Kennedy, Linda McLaughlin,  Niki Taylor and Karen McIver on this project.  

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