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“Here I am. Seventeen, with my older boyfriend and a flat of my own. Well, my name isn't on the lease or anything, Gary deals with all that, but it is my flat, and I love it.


It’s exhausting sometimes though, trying to manage it all, trying to judge him just right, so he doesn't fly off the handle”.

This powerful performance workshop followed teenagers Joy and Gary as their relationship and behaviours developed over two years. Exploring the complexity of existing gender stereotypes and how the characters’ understanding of what is 'expected of them' influenced the way in which they treated each other. Testing asks the questions “what is an unhealthy relationship, and where do we go if we need help?”


The workshop encourages the participants to examine Joy and Gary's relationship through interaction, discussion and performance. They are asked to give honest responses to what they have seen and to challenge their own and each other's attitudes about the issues presented to them.




This project was commissioned as part of Glasgow's 16 Days of Action to Eliminate Violence Against Women and played in over twenty schools across Glasgow during December 2008 and 2009.


It was developed in close collaboration with Glasgow City Council Education Services, and was aimed primarily at S2s but was appropriate for all high school age groups.

“This was an excellent support/addition to our lessons ... We would be delighted to have you work with other groups in the school... It was special”.


“It’s a good way [to look at the issue] because it's not real life, it's made up and so we can talk about the play instead of getting embarrassed about our own life”.

S2 pupil, audience member and workshop participant



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“[I liked it] because they asked us what we thought”.


S2 pupil, audience member and workshop participant

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