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It is with great sadness that we announce that A Moment’s Peace Theatre Company (AMP) is closing on 31 May 2024.


Like many organisations in the arts and third sector, AMP has faced significant challenges in both funding and staffing in recent years. Over the past 6 months, these challenges have become insurmountable.


We offer our deepest thanks to all the funders, staff, artists, trustees and participants who have worked with us over the years – creating performances, experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.


AMP’s greatest gift was always its participants, and we are delighted to announce that both our participatory groups will continue elsewhere.


Shared Space, a group for new Scots, will now be run by Common Ground and Women’s Creative Company, a female-only theatre group will now be run by In Cahootz. Women’s Creative Company will also continue its partnership with Wise Women.


Shared Space is open to new members, so feel free to reach out to Common Ground if you’re interested.

Thank you and farewell.


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2 comentários

I am so sad to see this news, Kirstin - but it's encouraging (and unsurprising) to see that you have found a way for the groups to continue. They are a testament to the gift of brilliant work and inspiration you have created, and a hope to the future. I'll look forward to working with you again in whatever form that might take.

Respondendo a

Thank you so much Linda. I share your hope for the future! It was always a pleasure to work with you at AMP and I look forward to our nexrt collaboration... Kirstin x

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