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Good Luck to Artistic Director Catrin!

As some of you will know that in February it was announced that our Artistic Director Catrin Evans has been appointed Head of Creative Learning at The Citizens Theatre.

This is very exciting. She will be starting part-time there from w/c April 12th and will be transitioning to full-time in June.

This news does of course mean change for AMP, and whilst we have been busy with project delivery, we have also been doing lots of thinking about what the next steps might be. We're still in that place of thinking/planning/reflecting but we will keep you all up to date with developments.

Ultimately AMP is committed to moving into this new phase with energy and we are focusing on ensuring our work continues with the care and creativity that underpins our approach.

We also know that Catrin will remain by our side.

Wishing Catrin lots of luck and well wishes from all of us at AMP - in anticipation for her first day tomorrow, as she embarks on this new and exciting professional opportunity with the Citizen's Theatre.


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